Thursday, August 23, 2012


                       2012 BROOKLYN NETS LOGO                                   1930's NYC SUBWAY SIGN                        

When developer Bruce Ratner embarked on the journey to buy the New Jersey Nets and build a new home arena for them in Brooklyn, he recruited Jay-Z, who grew up in public housing just a couple of miles from the site, to join his group of investors. Despite his relatively small 15% ownership of the team, Jay-Z has become the face of the Brooklyn Nets, in particular helping to design the team's new logo and uniforms.

The look is surprisingly simple compared to other NBA logos and while we know Jay-Z loves "Black", he says his inspiration came from old New York subway signs… “They were a strong, beautiful, iconic black and white. I just wanted something to withstand the test of time and be here forever. "

As the much anticipated Barclays Center, home of the new Brooklyn Nets, nears it September opening, I thought I would share some of these new logos and old signs. This simple retro design seems quite fitting for the new hipster style of Brooklyn.

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